"It's the craft that connects us"

As the story goes, we started as a small cafe in Boat Quay in 2013, and were one of the earlier venues that focused on Speciality Coffee in Singapore.

Dapper Coffee is hidden away at 73 Amoy Street on the 2nd floor. We serve damn good coffee and food to make your soul happy. And yes, we have a lot of power outlets for you to use.

Step into a place isolated from the hustle and bustle of the CBD and listen to the nostalgic sounds of the 1950s. Come in after two to get space to sit and chill with your laptop or a good book.  

Our single origin coffee hails from the Virgin Mountains of Papua New Guinea. Coffee cherries are handpicked by families who own small farms, so when you drink our coffee, you are also indirectly providing labour, income and sustaining livelihoods for farmers in this region. 

In our bid to reduce our carbon footprint, Dapper Coffee now uses steel straws and cloth coasters. 

We practice deep craft, most of the stuff you eat is made from scratch in the venue.

If you want to see more of what we do, come on up for a cuppa and say hello to our crew!