A Welcome Note

As you cautiously tread up the dimly lit stairway, the inviting aroma of coffee jolts you awake. Already excited, you race up the stairs two by two, hoping to find the source of familiarity. You peer through the decorated doors and find yourself staring at many bottles of spirit.

"Am I in the right place?", you wonder.

Then you hear the grunts of our coffee grinder working its magic through yet another day, providing the base for pulling some damn good espresso. You are greeted by our attractive Dapper crew.

You take a look at our menu and find a seat at wherever that seems comfortable. Pouring yourself a glass of water, you sit back, relax and appreciate the hustle that is going on around you.

Many times we have tried to express ourselves in words or photographs (as above). However, we found that the best medium for this so-called self expression is through our coffee, food and service with a toothy smile.

Are you convinced yet?

Welcome to Dapper Coffee - An unusual quarter for your usual cuppa.