2 x Cocktails + 1 x Pizza Combo

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Stuck at home and need a good drink and a bloody good pizza? This is the place for you! You can buy bespoke cocktails from Spiffy Dapper here. We will make it live on our Facebook stream and use our Oompa Loompas to deliver them to you cold and fresh within an hour or less.  

Each purchase will give you two cocktails. You can choose from some classic cocktails or choose a bespoke drink. You can comment on the stream, message Spiffy Dapper on Facebook or even call us on Skype to talk to the bartenders about specifications for your bespoke drink. 

If you order a cocktail while we are not live, we will contact you for specifications and deliver during the next session.

You can also choose from three of our crazy pizzas from our Bastard Pizza Selections for this bundle. Beautiful thin crust numbers with some pretty cool and weird toppings.

  1. Thin crust pizza with seared spam, eggs, and cheddar. Topped with guacamole, arugula and parmesan.

  2. Thin crust pizza with miso glazed smoked smoked duck and cheddar. Topped with fried laksa leaves and parmesan. 

  3. Thin crust pizza with fried kale, pineapple and cheddar. Topped with warm honey butter, ricotta and parmesan. 

Made with Sasha's magical pizza base recipe. Ask Chris Marshall how awesome it is.

Same Day Delivery

We deliver from 6pm to 10pm, every day of the week. One hour express delivery!

Pre-orders are welcome too - just let us know your referred day and time of delivery in the notes, or by contacting us on our Facebook Page.